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Bad Attitudes in Fighting Games

For the past month, I’ve noticed something interesting about some of the attitudes within the fighting game community (FGC). I haven’t had much time to write about it lately because I have been unemployed. When you’ve been working for so long in one industry, then you find yourself unemployed and having to look for work in a new industry. It can be a real toll on your life and your passion to do other things like playing games to writing on your blog that no one even reads. But luckily enough for me, I found a new and well-paying gig in the marketing field to help me get back into my passions.

What Does It Mean?

However, let’s not make this about me. We were talking about attitudes in the fighting game community (FGC). More specifically, the bad attitudes within the scene. What does this mean to me? Well, I’m not referring to the bad attitudes you sometimes see when a scrub gets beasted on in a tournament. I’m referring to specific community leaders or community influencers who have a strong reputation within the community and who also have bad attitudes.

Street Fighter Cry Baby

I’m mainly referring to the attitudes that are way more childish—like 15 year old childish with high school drama mixed in between little crazy fits about why they exist and why others should take notice or something. I’m talking about attitudes—when you hear it—makes you feel completely bad for the person and maybe even the community overall. The types of attitudes you would expect to read in a video game from some 15 year old kid who is both bad and trolling the hell out of everyone he or she encounters in said game. You know, the attitudes you can’t ever defeat because all logic is out the window.

These types of attitudes exist in the fighting game community as they would any community.  However, when it comes to community leaders and community influencers, that’s another story. You don’t really expect those heads to be the ones with the same types of attitudes as the anonymous gamer troll you may ecounter online.

Bad for Everyone

Before I get into a specific example that made me write this article, let me explain why I think it’s bad for the overall community. Bad attitudes like the ones I’m referring too just make the person with the attitude bad as well the part of the community that person may represent. I don’t think those types of attitudes ripple the entire community, but they are surely out there for someone to find if they happen to look close enough at the community. So, if I was a sponsor or someone wanting to sink more investment and time into the overall community, I feel these type of attitudes would only turn me away or at least leave a very bad taste in my mouth about the competitive scene for fighting games.

The OnBlast Show - Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, MvC

With that said, the reason I’m writing this is because I’m a frequent watcher of the OnBlast Show that airs every Tuesday at 10PM EST/EDT via TwitchTv. The show covers the fighting game community and interviewing big name guests all the time. It’s like a more raw take on CrossCounterTv, but with more coverage on real topics impacting the fighting game community and of course drama. I almost characterize the show as the more tamed version Jerry Springer for the fighting game community due to the crazyness that can happen show-after-show with the drama.

OnBlast Working Hard

I have nothing against the show or it’s hosts. It’s a great show and you can tell those behind the camera want to build a good communication outlet to express their passion for the community as well help bring some awareness to those out in the scene, especially the Mortal Kombat players around the world. As expected, they cover some pretty interesting and dangerous topics for the community too. Because of that, it brings out some interesting characters who talk about these topics and who really show their ass as I mentioned before, particularly one person who really defines the bad attitude of this article that I will not name who may or may not also wear a power glove in the shower.

Fighting Game Gangster in Street Fighter

Over the past month or so, I’ve caught a few shows where there were some pretty heated discussions. One in particular, that I can’t recall the specific topic, but really made me feel bad for those involved as well made me almost look down on the community. That was because of the overall attitude from specific community leaders and community influencers and how badly they sounded when trying to prove such retarded points that didn’t even matter. You know, like who did what first or who was real or fake or something you would expect from some wannabe thugs trying to prove who had the most money when you know damn well both of them fools are broke as hell.

Stop Bickering Plz

Hearing such bickering on the show made me stop and think to myself, “I’m way too old for this drama and these types of people, but I love fighting games and want to help the scene too much!”  I know that may sound dumb, but when you’re my age and you’re seeing such retarded arguments like who is the realist thug on the block, it makes you think seriously about being apart of something. I mean, it really looks bad from where I’m sitting and I can totally understand why it’s so hard for the scene overall to thrive with leaders or influencers talking like they are still 15 year old kids fighting on who said what.

Maybe that’s just me though. Maybe that’s what should be expected out of the community. Maybe attitudes like that is what keeps the scene interesting and unique. I mean, it’s already expected for community leaders to leech off the fans for things like free donations so they can simply stream at their houses other than buying it themselves with a job or pay for competitive players to fly around the nation because they are too broke to do it themselves. So, why would bad attitudes be any more harm to the scene when no one really cares how it makes the community look outside the bubble.

But, maybe it’s just me…

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