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New Blanka Costume – Ultra Street Fighter IV

The new Blanka costume released in the Summer Vacation DLC for Ultra Street Fighter IV does not look that appealing. But then again, this is the summer pack too. The costumes reflect the summer activities including what I would assume are hobbies as well just some of their personal flavors standing out in the pack.

Thoughts on Blanka Costume

For me, being the huge fan of Blanka, I cannot get into any costume that does not reflect some level of intimidation. Regardless of the backstory, gentle or hostile of the beast, I still crave the well, beast in Blanka. Anything else is really trivial in terms of what I’d expect from a Blanka costume.

The new Blanka Costume for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Nonetheless, the costume itself is not all that bad in terms of quality. Some of the other character lineup received some outfits that really didn’t seem that great in that department. Blanka’s includes a hawaiian shirt, a Lei (garland) around the neck, red shorts and matching red bracelets/cuffs around the wrists and ankles.

Outfits for Ultra Street Fighter IV

My quam again, is just the immersion of the outfit with the character. I feel outfits like the Blanka costume released in the Summer Vacation DLC for Ultra Street Fighter IV breaks that immersion for the character. It’s more appealing to me to have something that does bring out that inner beast or represents move of the characters background than just something of a hawaiian shirt with a Lei.

Blanka Balance Changes – Ultra Street Fighter IV Gameplay Demo

Of course, I could just be too picky on my expectations. But then again, a good portion of us play the characters for the looks, feel and how the character represents us both in-game and even out-of-game. Blanka is my character. A scumbag of a character that represents my scumbag nature as a player. Therefore, I want that scumbag looking costume that is going to add that extra umph when they see that beautiful green face appear in the loading screen.

Call Me Old Fashion

Call me old fashion or just a silly player, but I really have enjoyed some of the other Blanka costumes in the past. I really just want more of the same if not something that takes the character to the next level in terms of sick looks. I mean, you have to admit that Blanka is already dead sexy. How could you possibly ignore that sexy face?


Check out the new Blanka costume in the latest DLC or the sneak peaks from Eventhubs.

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