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I had this really great idea when I was working on a website for one of my side projects. The idea was to create a tool that could be used to track players progression in fighting game tournaments worldwide. The tool itself wouldn’t be tied to the tournament itself, but to the player who enters said tournaments and wants to keep a good record of how they place in said tournaments. The core of the tool would track those tournaments through player profiles that only works if the player reports their progression tournament-after-tournament. From there, players can popular the tournament stats and allow the tool to display those results to everyone as well do some thinking on it’s own.

Player Profiles

I don’t foresee the tool being that complicated to make while utilizing PHP and some Javascript for the front-end. Players could register, fill out some base information about themselves and have a tournament recorder forum at their disposal. After each tournament, they can fill in the tournament name, date, location, placing and earnings they acquired. The tool stores that to their profile and a global profile that allows us to compare everyone against each other to give a high-level overview of how the tournament scene is doing.

Fighting Game Tournament Tracker - Profile


Players will also be able to fill out their contact information, sponsor information and keep a honest record of their progression that they can take with them wherever they go. I think this is a good thing because the information about some of the good players in the scene is almost non-existent. It’s extremely hard to find say MarlinPie’s record and see how he has progressed over the years. It’s even harder to gauge how much earnings some of these players are making at any given tournament to possibly attract new fish into the scene.

The Best-of-the-Best

I kind of look at this tool as something entirely community driven. If the players don’t take the time to record their progression, then the tool would become insanely useless. It’s like a Wiki, you have to put forth the effort consistently in order to make it work. When that comes together, we will be able to see who the best players are in terms of statistics. You know, who is placing the highest consistently to who is potentially earning the most yearly. If enough players get involved, we may even be able to break those down by territory and get a good honest overview of where all the killers really reside outside of Cali or Japan.

TO Friendly

One of the fail safes I have for this tool is making it tournament organizer friendly. That means specific players who signup are able to designate themselves as TO’s in the community. This will allow the tool to provide additional features for those special profiles to report on everyone who entered their tournaments. For example, let’s say Joe the gamer doesn’t use this tool. When he finishes the tournament, he does not let the tool know he placed 2nd in Marvel. Dan the TO can report Joe’s progression for him and the tool will auto-generate a profile for Joe if he has never used the tool. That way no matter what, we have fail safes for TO’s to always report on what they are doing in their specific areas as well helps ensure the statistics are correct.

As you could imagine, some players may lie about their stats. TO friendly features can help keep that in check. If you submit incorrect information about a specific tournament, then the TO provides information that does not match up to what you provided, then the TO’s word is greater than yours. What the TO reports will override your report and you will be flagged in some manner as a cheater (or similar system to be determined later).

Fighting Game Tournament Tracker - Main


If you’re wondering what the sketches are above, they are called wireframes (click either image to see full concepts). They help web designers mock up a website before they begin work. As this tool would be a web based tool you could access in almost any browser, I put together a wireframe to help visualize what the tool would look like before I began work. Ideally, that’s what the tool should look like in terms of the finished product. If you have any feedback on the concept, then please feel free to reach out to me.

When’s Release?

Although I think this tool would be rather simple to make overall, it doesn’t mean the tool won’t be time consuming in terms of scope. I don’t foresee this tool being done in the next month, but you never know. I’m a extremely busy person lately with a full-time job in similar fields. But, I do spend a lot of time after hours creating and playing on the interwebs. I hope to get this project started rather soon and finished as quickly as possible that way the tool can basically manage itself without too much hands-on. If you would like to help out, then again, please reach out and let me know what you could contribute to the project.

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