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Is Mike Ross Good?

Recently, Mike Ross shared his opinion on the best and worst characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4. He listed best characters in the sense of Evil Ryu, Yun, Rose and Poison. He also listed worst characters in the sense of Deejay, Honda (his main) and Blanka.

However, something struck a nerve with me from that article on EventHubs. Some of the community had shared their opinions on how Mike Ross is actually not good enough to actually share his opinion on what characters are bad or good in the first place. So why should we care what he thinks?

Here is why you should care what Mike Ross thinks:

Good Performance

Besides being one of the communities brightest stars from his contribution to the hit series of CrossCounterTv, he has performed well in competitive play. To argue that is to say that you have slept under a rock for the past 5 to 10 years.

CrossCounterTv - The Entertainment Network for Fighting Game Fans.

The Entertainment Network for Fighting Game Fans.

Yes, it is true that Mike Ross as well many other players do not always win every major or even place within top 8. That does not make them an automatic disqualification from sharing their opinion on the game nor make them bad at the game overall. It would be silly to think that every player has to continue to dominate every tournament in order to stay relevant for today.

Consistency Is Hard

Despite what you may think, consistently winning major after major is pretty tough. It’s not impossible as Daigo Umehara has showed us in the past, but it’s pretty hard. There are a lot of really good players out there that are both known and unknown to the masses. These good players, as both Mike Ross and gootecks have mentioned on CrossCounterTV, are growing as the game matures.

Daigo Umehara before his major upset to poongko.

Daigo Umehara before his major upset to poongko.

Those that are known are susceptible to bad days like any professional athlete. You cannot always win the gold every year. Mike Ross as well many others cannot always perform well where they are at least getting top 8. Even when they don’t, it doesn’t automatically make them a bad player or in a sense, discredited from sharing their expert opinion on the game.

Mike Ross Is Relevant

Regardless of the opinions on consistency defining a player or not, you have to ask yourself. Is Mike Ross an expert in Ultra Street Fighter 4? I think the answer to that question is, “yes” because of past performances. Although he may not be the best player in the world, he again, has performed well in his competitive career within Street Fighter. Well enough that I would consider him a threat in my pool and well enough that I would think betting on him to win is not a bad bet because he does hold the power to win.

He may not be as consistent as he or his fans may like, especially lately, but I feel he has done well overall. Well enough that Mike Ross has a higher chance of being successful in any major he enters than most of us because of his skill level. Now, that still may not be enough for some, but it’s surely enough for me because to be that picky on who can and cannot speak on the game would be completely ridiculous. It would be to say that only Michael Jordan is allowed to speak on the game and is a good player where Karl Malone is not because he does not have any championship rings.

Top 8 Mentality

I of course am not trying to pick on Mike Ross with this article, but I think he is a great example. Achieving Top 8 to stay relevant is also something that I find pretty ridiculous. That’s one of the reasons why I made this video about Daigo Umehara a year ago because people were sleeping on him just because he has hit a lower point in his competitive success.

Did Mike Ross defend his face's honor? Find out in EventHubs UFN Fight Night results!

Did Mike Ross defend his face’s honor? Find out on EventHubs UFN Fight Night results!

Umehara does not need to consistently win anymore. He has already proven himself many times over as being the beast. Just because he has lacked that consistency recently does not mean he is not going to strike fear in you when you play him. He will surely still dominate more than half of the players he faces, just maybe not everyone like he used to due because of the maturity the game has seen since the release of Street Fighter 4.

Mike Ross Is Good

Of course, I’m not saying that Mike Ross has achieved or walked the same path as Daigo Umehara. But, neither has Karl Malone compared to Michael Jordan. The point I’m trying to make is that we have all different levels of amazing in our community. They are not all winning Evo or placing top 8 consistently these days. Those that are, would likely face some bad performances or tough competition in the future. It’s not the end of the world nor a sign that you have lost your good player card to me.

The Dynamic Duo of Mike Ross and gootecks.

The Dynamic Duo of Mike Ross and gootecks.

To close, all the Mike Ross’s of the world: continue doing your thing and ignore the haters. We won’t forget what you have done, what you are currently doing and what you will do tomorrow.


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