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The TriForce Hate

An interesting question came up on the On Blast Show that I wanted to try and answer. That question was, “Why does everyone really hate TriForce?” Well, to some it may seem easy, but realistically, no one has really came forth and provided a solid argument to why TriForce is this bad guy. I mean, there has been bits here and there, but normally, no one is actually explaining the details behind the malice. They just slam him and we accept it.

Having thought about this for some time, I think I have a pretty solid answer to that question from the public perspective. It may not be as pretty, but I think it’s a honest answer that makes a lot of sense from what I’ve seen in the scene.

Putting Yourself First

Many people in the scene have constantly slammed TriForce for putting himself first. I think that’s the biggest reason so many people hate the man. They think he is out to get paid, out to get just his or whatever from his current lineup of players in Empire Arcadia.

I think this is true and false. TriForce needs to get paid for what he does for his players and for his organization period. If you think that he shouldn’t, then you really don’t understand how this works. In order to survive, player or management, someone has to eat. The only way to eat is to get paid. The only way to get paid is by earning that money. TriForce is pretty passionate about what he does. So much, he provides a place for players to sleep, helps them try to land sponsorship (even though this doesn’t really work out) and put money in their pockets time-to-time according to Sanford Kelly.

On the other hand, I do think he puts himself first when it comes to the spotlight behind his organization. Now, this may get twisted from what I just said above, but I mean is purely from a marketing perspective. To provide an example, what face(s) do you see when I say Empire Arcadia or EMP? Now, what face(s) do you see when I say Evil Geniuses or EG?

For EMP, I see one face and one glove. For EG, I see a few, including this years current UMVC3 Champion.

Whether that was intentional or not remains to be answered, but the fact is, TriForce is that face of the organization. As fickle as the mob is, they can hate you just for the way you look regardless of what you did.

Big Mouth

Another big reason people hate on TriForce is because of his mouth. Due to being in the forefront so much with his organization, TriForce actively speaks out about a number of different topics. As such, people tend to hate that which they disagree or simply do not want to hear.

I do agree with this, but not on any particular topic specifically. TriForce simply likes to get into heated debates on a number of communication channels, both public and semi-private. He is loud and proud.

To give another example, I was watching the movie Patton last week. It reminded me of why having a big mouth is not a good look. General Patton was a beast. However, he also had that big mouth too and told it like it was. Unfortunately, just because you’re a good general doesn’t mean you can’t be hated for what you say or how you said it. Patton learned that pretty quickly after slapping down a coward suffering from battle fatigue when his troops were suffering from what the general considered “real” injurers.

Although TriForce may be a good general, sometimes having a big mouth accumulates a lot of hate just in disagreements of what you say. Speak less, lead more. This may be a good option to reduce that hate.

Associations with Bad Deals

One more reason for all the hate is associations with bad deals or even shady brands. The main one, if not the only one, would be the Video X Games (VxG) event that happened last year. Many people hold TriForce as well the head guy behind the event responsible for it’s failure. This has only adds to the pile of hate towards TriForce.

To be fair to TriForce, he is actually not primarily responsible, if not at all responsible for the event failure. I believe TriForce was hired to promote the event, not create it, run it, fund it or even really organize it. One person was responsible for those areas and that was Rolando and Co.

Similar to the previous two topics of discussion I brought to the table, TriForce put himself in the spotlight to promote the event and had a pretty big mouth about it. This automatically puts the blame on you when you make those decisions regardless if you’re really doing all those things or not. That’s because you are one of the only faces we can attach to that failure. When you already have a reputation for hate, regardless of it being true or not in your eyes, amplifies new hate for this failure even more.

Picking your associations wisely would have been a good look here. As well understanding that regardless if it’s your fault, when you are the face of a failure, unfortunately, you’re getting the blame. That’s the responsibility you take when you choose the limelight.

Not Performing Well

Lastly, I think a good bulk of hate comes from simply not performing as well. What I mean by that is the organization as a whole not being able to provide as much as people want for the players. Especially to a point where they are not all jumping ship because the organization is just not working out for their specific needs.

Sticking up for TriForce again a bit here. Running a team in the fighting game community is not easy. Many people could not even do this for a few months let alone a few years. TriForce is facing a uphill battle regardless of any other issue mentioned here. Due to that, many players have spoken out about the organization and the leaderships ability to perform well in that area. Thus, I feel many hold that against the organization as well TriForce as if this was all easy. Unfortunately, regardless of the complexity of what TriForce as well many others are doing with their organizations, results win people, failures well, you know.

In Closing

To summarize this all up, here is why the hate exists in my mind:

  1. Too much spotlight for the leadership.
  2. When in that spotlight, they have big mouths.
  3. Associations with bad brands and shady deals.
  4. Not performing well for the players or in the eyes of the people.

Here’s how I would resolve this hate if you chose to accept it:

  1. Remove yourself from the spotlight more, not from the leadership.
  2. Speak less for your organization, let your players do that for you.
  3. Make wiser decisions, but it’s understandable that we all make mistakes.
  4. Form a new plan of attack, share it and attract new players that can help.

Then lastly, I wanted to say this for the peoples of EMP:

Spend less time figuring out why or who hates you and more time trying to fixing the problem. You will drive yourself mad trying to figure out if the hate is legitimate or not. It really doesn’t matter. All that matters is the hate is real. In any other circumstance, especially in media, it doesn’t matter on the why. Follow the same principles and work from there. Hate is hate, it’s going to happen. Keep pushing forward.

Good luck! I hope you guys pull through regardless of the opinions.

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