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It’s been awhile. I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time due to some stress at home relating to my infected wisdom tooth to thinking I’m going to die or something. So, I haven’t had a chance to really throw something on the site lately. But, today I wanted to toss something up here that will be short and sweet based on some of the topics I’ve encountered over the past few weeks.

If you didn’t know, the publisher and developer I used to work for had some reductions recently. It’s never a good thing, but it happens in the gaming industry a lot, especially after a major game launch. In result, some of my previous co-workers were impacted by those reductions who worked in the North Carolina office. Many are seeking new employment in the industry and it has brought up some interesting topics about how to get back on that horse once again.

Never Give Up

First and foremost, finding work is a grueling process. It can take a lot of energy out of you, but you have to be committed. You can never lose hope. Keep pushing forward and do whatever you have to do to keep moving. If that means you have to relocate, then consider the move. If that means you have to take a job you may not like right now, then take the job. It’s all about pushing forward and working towards the things you want later on down the road.


I’m no expert in the recruiting process for the game industry. I just know one of the best things you can do as potential worker is ensure you have a really slamming resume and portfolio. If you’re not that great at creating resumes, then find someone who is or hire someone to create one for you. Don’t neglect your resume or try to assume it’s the best. Technically, there is no best. There is only good and terrible. And trust me, there is a lot of terrible resumes out there that meet the garbage before it ends in the hands of the person who will actually hire you.


When it comes to portfolios, I tend think that many agree that less is more. Don’t slam every piece of work into one portfolio. Employers simply don’t have time to examine every inch of your life let alone what you’ve done professionally or on the side. Like your resume, stick to a slamming format that shows off a slice of your best pieces. And when I mean best, I mean THE BEST. Don’t stick stuff in your portfolio that isn’t your best work. It could be misinterpreted as thinking something that’s obviously not good as being good because it’s in your portfolio. You know, good judgement is an insanely valuable quality people look for in almost any position. Thus, you want people to judge your portfolio on the best work you’ve done. You won’t be able to please everyone, but ensuring the best you have is there is a great start to an awesome portfolio.

Connection & Resources

Use your connections and resources to find new leads on good gigs. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Obviously, the reason I’m writing this is because a few have reached out to me. Ask around for leads on new positions. Not every position will be listed. Sometimes people can give you the heads up on new developments on the horizon or point you in the right direction. The gaming industry is renowned for helping their own, especially when trouble strikes a studio in the area. If you don’t know as many people, then get on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and etc. Get your profiles made, find some resources and get that connection made. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of Linkedin the most. Some employers use Linkedin as references or even as part of the application process. It allows you to put your full resume online, allow people to give you references based on past employment as well gives some insight on who you are as a potential candidate. You can also use it to research new companies in the area, find resources in those companies as well apply for jobs directly through the platform.

That all said, I’ll list some good game resources before I end up typing too much on the subject:

Some Leads:


These guys have been hiring a lot of support representatives lately. Although it looks like they are filled, it doesn’t mean they wont need more. Keep your eyes out on what they have to offer in the coming weeks to months. They are launching a new MMO and they are not too far from North Carolina.


Again, these guys have been hiring a lot of support representatives SUPPOSEDLY. I haven’t really seen anything, but I heard from the grapevine that some action was going on from their end. Keep your eyes out on what they have to offer, especially being it’s local. In that, they use to have a decent support team here some time ago for Redstorm too.

Epic Games

These guys are always hiring the best. I think everyone knows that, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure it’s mentioned as they have a number of positions open for the studio in Cary.

FiveOneNine Games

Shameless plug for the new studio I’m working for. We have a new game design position open for anyone interested. The gig is local and requires semi-to-seasoned experience. You’re more than welcome to contact me for further details on the studio and how to apply (i.e.: reach out to me as your first contact).


Until next time!

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