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Top Magic The Gathering Creature Types

I dived into the top creature types by print quantity per set for Magic The Gathering and see what’s popping and what’s not. I found some interesting results that showed a dominating force for Humans, Wizards, Warriors, Soldiers and even Zombies.

Magic The Gathering Dataset

The dataset I’m using is from one of those deck building tools. It came with a complete database and I’m just querying it with my tools to gather the information you see below. It’s updated with all the current sets and other non-legal prints as of December 21st, 2017. Everything listed here should include everything, minus any human errors in whomever made the data.


The methodology I used here is pretty simple. I found the data, I did some very basic aggregations with some conforming of the data. For example, I split out the card types for creatures to unify all the creature types and sub-types together. From there, it’s all common aggregations to see how many total creature types there are per set.

If a creature name–not a creature type–was reused (e.g.: reprinted in another set), then the creature name would be counted multiple times in the results. This is what I want because if the same creature exists in multiple sets, it’s technically a unique print per set and thus a unique card to the end user because the set defines the deck types.

Top 10 Magic The Gathering Creatures By Type

Magic The Gathering Top Creatures By Type

My results show that my top 10 creature types are Humans, Wizards, Warriors, Soldiers, Elementals, Zombies, Spirits, Elves, Goblins and Shamans. No real surprises there, but I should note that Humans (as you can tell from the pie chart) are pretty dominating compared to the other creature types.

The Others

Some other creatures not shown here that make it in the top 20 would be Beasts, Clerics, Birds, Knights, Dragons, Vampires, Angels, Rogues, and Merfolk (in that order from largest to smallest). Beyond that, you start getting into Cat’s, Walls, Druids, Horrors, Giants, Insets, Demons, Golems and Eldrazi.

Magic The Gathering Creatures By Type

What about the least printed creature types? Now you’re talking about Beavers, Pests, Moles, Ships, Cows, Deer, Ferrets, Oysters, and even Raccoons. Outside of those not so used types, some mid-range ones would be your Wolves, Pirates, Trolls, Apes, Nightmares, Ooze, Barbarians, Rhinos, Samurai and Ninjas.

What Creatures Should Get Love?

I’m not going to claim to be some Magic the Gathering Expert or anything. My opinion has very little weight in the community let alone the competitive magic scene, but here is what I would love to see based on my own bad magic style.


Lathnu Hellion

While this is not a high valued card in Standard, I actually have a lot of fun playing the Hellion creature type with my mono-red aggro or burn decks. This one for example is a huge worm-like creature that is a 4/4 for 3 mana that can last not just one round, but 2 rounds. I’ve had some super awesome gameplay experiences with this card alone with Harnessed Lightning and Aether Hub helping feed it in play. It was even better playing it with Eldrazi Obligator on turn 5 to clear the way for my Hellion along with gaining control of my opponents creature to swing with the Hellion.


Lorthos, The Tidemaker

I may be trying to channel the Cthulhu here, but this one seems like a fun creature type for Blue that has very little quantity count like Hellion’s. Course, you could argue there are more as just Sea Monsters, but there are a few Octopus creature types out there, and the maybe more could be printed to get Merfolk a run for their money (riiiight).


Evil Eye of Urborg

Again, maybe too much channeling going on with this one too with the Dungeon’s & Dragon’s Beholder, but this would be a cool one for Black. Just go ahead and bring out all the awesome wizard-like abilities to this one to give it that Black Wizard type feel along with some amazing art that I know could be created for this creature type.

Worm or Slugs

Simic Ragworm

Then for Green, I am totally down for some more Worm’s or Slug’s. Though, it’s okies if they don’t make it in. I’m digging the new Dinosaur’s for Green, Red, and White. Maybe over time some big slugs and worms can be tossed into the Beast type until someone from a marketing standpoint can sell a slug to the masses.

Until next time. It’s been real! Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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